Kyungu's Story

Kyungu, aka Grape Girl's portrait


Meet Kyungu. 

An innocent victim of the illegal wildlife trade.

At 8 months old she was orphaned. 

Her parents were shot for bushmeat and she was captured to be sold into the illegal pet trade.

Luckily, she was rescued and taken to Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre where she now lives with a new family of chimpanzees.

Kyungu’s fondness for grapes has earned her the nickname ‘Grape Girl’. So when we say that buying animalltea ‘gives grapes to apes’, we really mean it. 


Our profits help to fund food, veterinary care and capacity building at Lwiro.

Sadly, Kyungu is not alone. Lwiro gives sanctuary to over a hundred orphaned primates.

They are the ‘lucky’ ones who may in time return to the wild. 

Learn more about Lwiro and our partner conservation projects here.