Every tea order includes a limited-edition postcard featuring work from our partner artist. 

Our current featured artist is Martin Aveling (@avelingartworks).


octopus artwork by Martin Aveling

 zebra artwork by Martn Aveling bird artwork by Martin Aveling Martin's DSWF WAY ART OF SURVIVAL BADGE 2021

About Martin Aveling

Martin Aveling Portrait Picture

Martin 'Mart' Aveling is one of the nicest people you'll meet. He also happens to be an award-winning artist (2021 David Shepherd Art of Survival Award) and one of the UK's most celebrated and talented wildlife artists.  

Mart has been instrumental in exploring the world of wildlife artivism and its role in environmental storytelling. “Wildlife Artivism is a growing trend in conservation, where elements of fantasy are combined with reality to unearth hidden truths. It tackles the big issues faced by our planet and its wildlife through storytelling embedded in art".

His clean and contemporary style celebrates the detail in his animal subjects, and negative space is often manipulated to give them environments. Through his drawings, Mart aims to raise the profile of all wildlife around the world and to generate support for its most vulnerable. 

From the sale of his art, Mart has helped raise nearly £50,000 for various wildlife conservation charities. 

You can learn more about his life and work on his website.




Our previous featured artist was Alicia Hayden (@aliciahaydenwildlife).

 Alicia's piece "Into the Blue" was included with orders.

When the Whale Sang by Alicia Hayden
Artworks by Alicia Hayden - DSWF Finalist 2021

About Alicia Hayden

Alicia Hayden's PhotoAlicia is a self-trained wildlife artist, photographer, writer, and filmmaker from North Yorkshire, with a degree in Biological sciences from Oxford University. She aims to celebrate the beauty of the natural world in her work, as well as communicating the threats it faces through the arts. She was the winner of David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year’s “Human Impact” category 2021 for her piece “When the Whale Sang”, and was awarded the inaugural Ingrid Beazley Award.

You can view more of Alicia’s work, and order prints or commissions via her website.



Our previous featured artist was Ashley Habernal (@thedottedwild).

Ashley’s portrait of Kyungu a.k.a. Grape Girl from Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Centre was included with orders.

Kyungu and whales - by Ashley Habernal (The Dotted Wild)
hippos - by Ashley Habernal (The Dotted Wild)

About Ashley Habernal

Ashley Habernal - The Dotted Wild

Ashley is a self-taught, emerging wildlife artist from Ontario, Canada. She has always loved animals and this shows through her artwork, which she often uses to shed light on conservation issues and to educate people about wildlife. She experiments with different mediums, but stippling is her favourite method of creating artwork.

You can view more of Ashley’s work and buy prints via her website.


Are you an artist?

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