james and his son ren


“Daddy... are there any of these left?”

Asked my four year old son Ren, as I read him a bedtime story about animals. 

That question was a gift. 

It was the moment I decided I could no longer be a bystander and offered me a chance to discover what I could contribute to the world. 

animalltea is my answer to his question. A love letter to my son and to all the animals that share our planet.

I would love you to join me as we build a new kind of company. One that devotes all its energy to protecting wildlife and the bedtime stories yet to be told. 

James Thirlwall (Founder)

What we do

We are a UK speciality tea company that uses 100% of our net profit to fund wildlife conservation. 

Our teas are all pesticide-free, organic or biodynamic.  

We exist to protect wildlife, to support sustainable farming and to inspire a love of nature in our community  -  all through tea.

How we do it

We aim to be the greenest tea company on the planet with sustainability built into every aspect of our business. 

Our teas are grown by farmers who promote biodiversity and conservation. Our packaging is recyclable and compostable. Our marketing respects your time and intelligence.

Our community events programme brings us alltogether to learn about tea and wildlife.


Our teas are chosen for quality, flavour and provenance. The range includes everyday favourites and rare treasures.

The tea farmers we buy from work with nature - not against it. Many support local communities with healthcare, education and conservation initiatives.


Our conservation partners include:

We also operate the Ark Fund - dedicated to supporting animals and conservationists during wildlife emergencies.

All profits

All means all. Each year, 50% of our net profit is re-invested into animalltea to fund our growth. The other 50% is shared equally between our conservation partners and our ‘Ark Fund’ for wildlife emergencies.


Before any action we ask,  “Will this decision help animals? Yes or No.”

If the answer is “No” we don’t do it. 

It’s our North star. It makes life easy (and it keeps meetings short).


Got a question?

Feel free to get in touch with any questions about our teas, our wildlife partners or the way we work at hello@animalltea.com